“After being an educator in the traditional schools, I felt that something was missing in education and that this is not what I wanted for my daughter. One day I visited a Montessori primary school and it caught my heart immediately. Montessori method reaches children, makes children happy to go to school and learn new things on their own pace and interest. It is not only about language and mathematics but also about life science and this for me is the most important part of Montessori. My daughter is happy and so am I.” ~ Irayka ~

“My son is attending nos Fortalesa Montessori Aruba since 2014 and has transformed completely from a demotivated boy, to a motivated, confident and happy boy. He wholeheartedly loves his school, his teachers, his friends and learning the Montessori Way. We are a one big family!” ~ Shouska ~

“I attended an information day about the start up of Nos Fortalesa Montessori Aruba School. I knew about the Montessori method and knowing the intention to start a full elementary Montessori school here in Aruba, I was like: “Yes! I want Nathan to attend this school for sure”. I have 4 children, I worked with children and I love and always keep this quote with me:

“A child is like a butterfly in the wind. Some can fly higher than others, but each one flies the best it can. Why compare one with the other? Each one is special each one is beautiful.”

Nathan attended a traditional Dutch daycare and kindergarten. Nathan had problems communicating and expressing himself. He attended speech therapy. We noticed that he preferred to communicate and express himself in English, communicating in Dutch was a struggle for him. His kindergarten teacher suggested that he repeats 1 more year of kindergarten because she noticed that Nathan was behind “compared” to other kids of his age. I told her that we chose to sent him to a Montessori school and she agreed immediately and that this choice was perfect for him and she wished an hoped that more children may have the chance to attend an Montessori School because she herself is familiar with this method. Nathan started attending Nos Fortalesa at the age of 6, he is 8 now, and we as parents are so happy to see Nathan blooming at his own pace and expressing himself more clearly verbally. He’s enjoying himself at school, he became more social with his schoolmates no matter the age. They all care for each other and help each other learning. The teachers keep track of his progress and will notify us. When it’s time to pick him up it’s not easy because he wants to stay a little longer at school. Seeing Nathan developing and being happy with his school, makes us as parent happy. If Nathan had to stay in the traditional school he would be frustrated and struggling with Dutch and with the traditional school method.” 

~ Wendy ~

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