Distance Learning in Montessori

How we implement Distance Learning into Montessori

In Montessori we base our days around hands on manipulatives and lessons either one on one, or small groups with the children. So, how can we make Montessori into a lessons we can easily use for distance learning? We created not only a schedule but we broke down our students into groups. Every day the children meet with their teachers for lessons in Dutch and English. We use platforms such as zoom, google meets, and whatsapp Video sometimes to interact with the children in 25-30 minute lessons. In Lower and Upper Elementary lessons can be longer as the children are older and can sit for longer periods of time. The Lower and Upper Elementary programs also use Prodigygame and Commonlit, for more information please email us!

Children still receive all core subjects. We send our videos 2x a week that are in Dutch and the exact same video but explained in English. This keeps up with our duel language program. All videos end in short homework assignments. They can be anything from a sensory nature walk, to showing us practical life in their kitchens at home!

Implementing Montessori in Distance Learning means you need to be C R E A T I V E! We have found fun and easy ways to make the learning continue virtually.

For examples of our weekly videos please email Admin@nosfortalesa.org

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