About Nos Fortalesa Montessori

Nos Fortalesa Montessori School Aruba offers both:

An Elementary program (age-6-12)  and a Primary program (age 3-6) and has been serving families, local and international, since August of 2014. Our elementary program started the school year 2014-2015 and our Primary program first opened its doors in January of 2018. 

We offer both English and Dutch,  the Dutch curriculum is focused more on vocabulary building and following simple instructions, but can be personalized to each family’s wish and/or child’s abilities and interests, more particularly Language and Math. We focus on the development of the vocabulary, spelling, reading and writing for both English and Dutch students, but are primarily focused on the English Language Arts.

The other subjects are primarily given in English, but  we aim to integrate more Dutch in all other subject areas in the future. Papiamento will also be a part of our curriculum in especially the Upper Elementary class, we believe this to be an important part of our culture and we are proud to have it at our school. 

After completing our Elementary Program, students can transition to the Secondary Montessori Program, YNZ Montessori High School as well as to American middle- and high school programs on the island. Students can also transition to the Dutch Secondary Schools, if that is the wish of the family and the ability of the child, all students who complete grade 6 can take the “doorstroomtoets” in order to move on to a Dutch Secondary School.

We do ask that the families inform us of their plans for secondary education prior to entering grade (year) 5 of their elementary career. This is to better prepare the student.

Nos Fortalesa Montessori Aruba’s mission is to help develop the child as a whole with the peaceful collaboration of parents and other professionals using the Montessori philosophy.

We believe that all, including Aruban children and families, will benefit tremendously from a Montessori education, understanding that the child should always be central and thus we should always follow the child.


  • English Language Arts (main language)
  • Dutch Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Geometry
  • Geography
  • Biology (Zoology and Botany)/Science
  • History


Regular for Primary:       Drop off between 7:15 a.m. and 7:45 a.m.  – Pick Up is at 1:45 p.m daily.

Regular for Elementary: Drop off between 7:15 a.m. and 7:45 a.m.  – Pick Up is at 2:00 p.m daily.


How we implement Distance Learning into Montessori During the Covid-19 Pandemic! (Only when schools are shut down by the Government)

In Montessori we base our days around hands on manipulatives and lessons either one on one, or small groups with the children. So, how can we make Montessori into a lessons we can easily use for distance learning? We created not only a schedule but we broke down our students into groups. Every day the children meet with their teachers for lessons in Dutch and English. We use platforms such as zoom, google meets, and whatsapp Video sometimes to interact with the children in 25-30 minute lessons. In Lower and Upper Elementary lessons can be longer as the children are older and can sit for longer periods of time. The Lower and Upper Elementary programs also use Prodigygame and Commonlit, for more information please email us!

Children still receive all core subjects. We send our videos 2x a week that are in Dutch and the exact same video but explained in English. This keeps up with our duel language program. All videos end in short homework assignments. They can be anything from a sensory nature walk, to showing us practical life in their kitchens at home!

Implementing Montessori in Distance Learning means you need to be C R E A T I V E! We have found fun and easy ways to make the learning continue virtually.

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