The mission of Nos Fortalesa, is to guide the intellectual and character development of each child along a path towards his or her full and unknown potential. We strive to cultivate compassion and respect, independence and belonging, freedom and self-discipline, in academic and social environments that are designed for elementary children and honor the complementary needs of the individual and the group.

After being involved in the Montessori Education for almost 5 years in 2013 and having received her primary then her elementary certification in the Montessori education, Miss Piña decided it was time the island of Aruba got to know and experience Montessori for itself and founded the foundation in February of 2013.

Miss Piña completed her elementary Montessori training at the Montessori Institute of North Texas receiving her Association Montessori Internationale diploma.

After working hard to educate the community and parents of Aruba, the first classroom started in August of 2014 with 13 students, Miss Piña as the lead teacher and director with the help of a part time assistant. Today, 3,5 years later, Nos Fortalesa Montessori has 2 classrooms, a total of 35 students ranging from age 6-12 with 2 certified teachers and 1 classroom assistant.


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